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Our Approach:
We focus on value-based investments - Our approach aims at reducing risk while, at the same time, it allows for superior returns.     

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We are a team of three investment professionals with collectively more than 50 years experience.     

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See what our current picks are and how they have performed.     

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We are guests on several radio shows.

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Three more changes to our pick list

We suggest 3 more changes to our pick list based on our expectation of a recession: * We sell Apple. We take our profits as retailers could suffer in a recession scenario * We sell Arques as weakening economic indicators are expected to have a downside impact on financial markets. This will result in a much higher hurdle for Arques to execute exits out of its portfolio * We buy a short warrant on Caterpillar: DB33C0. We expect the company to suffer both from a recession and specifically the downturn in the housing sector.

Date: 17-08-07

Buy short ETF on industrials: SIJ

We buy a short on SIJ. This is a SHORT ETF on industrials that has a 200% leverage on the industrial sector. We expect the industrials to suffer significantly in the expected recession.

Date: 16-08-07

Sell Atos

We sell our holding in Atos. The expected acquisition did not happen. Also, we clean up our long holdings based on our bearish Pearl Fisher market model

Date: 13-08-07

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