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We sell our long warrants and the straddle

We sell the Dax call, the MDAX Call and the Nasdaq straddle (consisting of a long and a short instrument). The reason is that overall, the warning signs for the stock markets become more and more obvious: Increasing interest rates, a weak USD, high oil prices and fears of increasing inflation. As a latest trigger, we see that the volatility in the stock markets increases significantly which has happened often berfore bear markets. The latest rally might continue over the next days or weeks. But as the warrants are highly leveraged and pretty risky and we have achieved our targets, we realize the gains.

Date: 15-06-07

Buy Amazon

Amazon has all the incredients to become the next Walmart. PE looks high as the company invests in growth. On the other hand, price / sales of 2.5 looks reasonable when looking at the > 30% revenue growth rate.

Date: 23-05-07

Buy Natural Cool Holdings

This is a micro cap with a market cap at around USD 26M. The company is located in Singapur and offers installation and services of AC systems. They show an impressive ~30% growth rate. The PE ratio is at a level of ~ 6 which offers a nive value opportunity.

Date: 22-05-07

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